CS ROSETTA is a protocol which generates 3D models of proteins, using only the 13CA, 13CB, 13C', 15N, 1HA and 1HN NMR chemical shifts as input. Based on these parameters, CS ROSETTA uses a SPARTA-based selection procedure to select a set of fragments from a fragment-library (where the chemical shifts and the 3D structure of the fragments are known). The fragments are assembled using the ROSETTA protocol. The generated models are rescored based on the difference between the back-calculated chemical shifts of the generated models and the input chemical shifts. For more information see our online web portal manual and tutorial and/or consult the CS-Rosetta home page at: http://spin.niddk.nih.gov/bax/software/CSROSETTA/index.html.
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IMPORTANT: Before submitting any run to the CS-Rosetta web server it is strongly advised to remove any flexible tail and check the chemical shifts for outliers using TALOS+

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Reference for use of the WeNMR GRID-enabled CS-Rosetta server
A.M.J.J. Bonvin, A. Rosato and T.A. Wassenaar
"The eNMR platform for structural biology."
J. Struct. Funct. Genomics, 11, 1-8 (2010).
And add in addition the following text to the acknowledgment section:

"The eNMR and WeNMR projects (European FP7 e-Infrastructure grants, contract no. 213010 and 261572), supported by the national GRID Initiatives of Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands (via the Dutch BiG Grid project), Portugal, UK, South Africa and the Latin America GRID infrastructure via the Gisela+ project is acknowledged for the use of web portals, computing and storage facilities."

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